Polaris Slingshot Icy Wheel Lights


Specially designed harness and a direct bolt on kit built at Metricks for your Polaris Slingshot.  This double row super bright LED wheel light package has all the latest features including Chasing effects, built in blue tooth controller that operates off your smart phone, direct bolt on mounts,  and quick connects for an easy installation and when removal is required for slingshot service or upgrades.

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Over the last few years we have installed many different wheel light kits for customers on there Polaris Slingshot’s. Many kits required cutting, trimming, splicing  of wires and making our own connections.  Some kits required making  mounting points with custom brackets and additional hardware. Others required completely disassembling and re-engineering in order to just make them work.

This led to the design of a product to provide an ease of installation and just the right amount of harness for that perfect fit.  We also integrated a quick connect at each mounting point for the unforeseen upgrade or maintenance that comes up from time to time.  We use a common wheel ring design but have fabricated our own mounting points for a perfect and direct bolt on fit .  This design and hardware supplied in the kit will ensure the proper stability and longevity expected for a product mounted in this location.

We have installed this same kit on at least 50 customer Slingshots and sold as many to date without any issues.  Our LED lights are double rowed which is more than enough and are some of the brightest on the market with the color chase features.  The Bluetooth operation  for use with all smart phones comes built into the kit so no extra up charges necessary or extra money spent. The APP is easily downloaded and one of the simplest to use on the market.  Many adjustable features and effects are built in and the customization aspect is endless.


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