This is it, the only production Lamborghini Aventador front end conversion for the Polaris Slingshot. This is an in-house service that requires the shipping/transport of the clients slingshot to our location for installation. The "Slinghini" kit will consist of the following components necessary to complete the installation to include:

Hand laid Fiberglass Aventador "Slinghini" front clip
3/4 inch 1/8th wall Steel tube internal-frame and bracing i
1.5 inch tube 1/8th wall sub-frame with adjustable ride height hinges at pivot point in satin powder-coated to match the factory tube chassis
2x precision gas struts to hold front clip in up position for routine service needs
Removable center hood insert for more detailed service and accessibility when needed
Relocation hardware for hood release lever to inside cockpit
Custom hood release strikers used at rear hood factory mirror location
Wiring harness
Headlight buckets and Scratch resistant lenses
DOT Projector upgraded LED Headlights with  integrated High/low beams
Custom LED super white DRL lights that double as sequential intergrated amber blinkers and Jeweled white and amber circuit board for incredible startup sequence/effect
8x Heat venting hood inserts in your choice of design (Circular or Hexagon) mesh powder coated gloss black
3x Cool air front vent inserts in your choice of design (Circular or Hexagon) mesh powder coated gloss black with satin black powder coated bezels and stainless steel hardware

This is a complete kit starting at $12,500.00 with all of the above mentioned items installed in a like factory fashion.  Paint will be an optional service/up-charge at a minimum price of $1900.00 and a total cost to be determined with Metricks and the client.  Due to the nature of high performance coatings/paint there are to many variables to set a flat rate. Different colors cost different prices with consideration to single, 2 stage and 3 stage paints, metallic's, pearl coats, wraps, etc... If the client chooses we can paint the entire slingshot, wheels, match the interior and lower body panels at additional cost as well.  Please inquire directly with management for a quote of services.

These kits are to be installed at our Metricks location and requires precision alignment for proper fit. We can arrange or provide shipping direct to our location if needed at an additional cost. Please inquire for these services.

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