Slingshot Hood Assist Kit


Metricks has developed the “Hood Assist Kit” to answer to the most commonly asked question from our customers, why is it so hard to open the hood?  What we have done is designed a passenger and driver side torsion spring to greatly reduce the amount of force it normally takes to open and close the hood on your Polaris Slingshot.  This is a true do it yourself project that takes less than 15 minutes with one person for the complete installation.



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A set of specially designed torsion springs with custom cut bushings for both driver and passenger side make up this simple yet effective kit.  Once both of these springs have been fastened to the pivot points of your Polaris Slingshots hood you will be amazed buy how it will now effortlessly open and close.  We originally built this device to help open and close the hood of a customers Slingshot that had been heavily modified.  We needed a solution to compensate for the extra weight that had been added to the hood and make it easier to open and close due to the modifications.  This bit of engineering worked so well we were asked to make more for other customers that witnessed the product in action.  We were surprised by the number of Slingshot owners that struggled with opening and closing the hoods as the mechanical motion is not easily mastered.  Not only helping with the opening of the hood this kit greatly reduces the impact or slamming when returning to the closed position.  This product really works and installs in only a few minutes with only one tool which makes it a true DIY project.


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